Kyat: Ghost Tools

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Developer's Explanation:

I made this fun little tool with simplicity in mind for the users. Ghost avatars were once one of the most popular types of avatars in the chat, but not just anyone could make them. Creating a ghost avatar used to require a moderately advanced or expensive image editor and the know-how to pull it off, which even when instructed not too many understood. Being among the very first to make ghost avatars, i've been asked by friends and other users to turn their avatar into a ghost for them. This was fine, but over time it became so often that it was inconvenient. That's why I created this. Without the need for imaging software or experience, my new tool will create standard ghost avatars to the user's specifications.

- SC

* 127 different levels of transparency are possible.
* Support for avatars with any amount of frames (as long as it's under 50kb).
* Conversion Summary will give additional information about your avatar and can give advice about if your sprite sheet has a problem.
* Try before you buy... conveniently change into it for testing before going through the trouble of downloading it and uploading to your avatar host.
* Resurrection! Have an old ghost avatar from a long time ago? Want to increase or decrease the ghost effect? Just upload it like any normal avatar, then watch and be amazed. De-ghost avatars by defining 0.

Please enjoy this tool.

Upload your PNG avatar (Max Filesize: 50kb)

Set Transparency (0~127)

 - Avatar must be a PNG file (sorry mng lovers).
 - There are 127 different levels of transparency.
 - 0 is fully visible, while 127 is invisible.


 - It's pointless to have a number very close to 0 or it defeats the purpose of this tool. Unless of course you're using the De-ghost feature.

 - If you define 127, then you will be completely invisible until the mouse moves over your avatar, a cool effect for those who want it.

 - If you want to be a simple ghost (not too visible, but not too invisible), then try a number like 65 and after that you can decide how much to increase or decrease the number.