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Please help us perfect the communication guidelines.

Communication Guidelines

Be genuine. Shameless. Say or do what feels right. However, please acknowledge decency as "TBD".

Tolerance. Balance. Decency. = TBD

TBD = "To Be Decided/Determined"

Knowing Contrast:
We have control of our avatar vicinity and expression in addition to the spoken word as a descriptor tool. Use them wisely.
"Good and Bad" is a double edged sword. It is merely a circumstance upon which the beholder has an opinion or reaction.
"Cause and Effect" is the point at which a variable intersects or clashes. It affects us each differently.
To respect others you must first respect yourself. Therefore, you must have boundaries in order to respect another's boundaries.
Meet in the middle. Do not impose on nor be imposed upon. Sometimes this demands a sense of what is appropriate at the moment.

All things are Subjective. In case the threshold cannot be agreed upon, dismiss yourself from the situation or use the right-click block feature on the user.

Examples of Prohibited subjectives and expressions:
1. Commercial Activity (guessed to be an advert, sale, transfer, etc.)
2. Unethical Usage (infringed intent of intellectual property owners or without permission.)
3. Gossip or Slander (issue constructive criticism directly. Never about third persons.)
4. Personal Disclosure (self or third party doxxing, including telephone number or address)
5. Society Narratives (anything where hostile sides are taken or imposed, especially controversial even if subjective)
6. Fearful Violation (such as "risks", if a matter causes hesitation or demands secrecy, it is likely to break order and doesn't belong)
7. Social Engineering (including fallacies. We're all terminals therefore we must eliminate manipulation)
8. External Loophole (an external URL which opposes above-mentioned contents)

Biweekly newsletter will be available! It will be based on Moon Phases.
Watch for it on the January 17th Full Moon.

NOTICE: It is unlawful to capture and/or modify an AVATAR without permission.

Welcome to kyat://chat. Click here for legacy AVATAR MIRROR v2.

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