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What is Avatar Mirror?
Avatar Mirror is not just another avatar site, but a site which mostly makes backups of other avatar sites. It is common for Avatar Sites to go offline when the creator abandons it so we must preserve them before they no longer exist.

To Do:
Make links on site info go to avatar sites
Add the latest avatars and overlooked sites
Automated archiving

Dear Loyal Visitors,

We apologize for the week of downtime. The outdated avatar system at .hack//SC was long overdue for a change. By the way, this is the version of Avatar Mirror that almost didn't see the light of day. Infact, half the things made for Kyat.us are never actually published. It's truly sad..

We are aware we upset some of you with this downtime. We hope the newest features make up for that. We worked hard and with haste to assure this got online ASAP. There are still some bug fixes to do on this site. You will notice we crossed out some links and text. This site is very far from complete. You will notice v2 probably isn't missing a single one of the previous avatars. :)

The avatar mirror experience is being improved so errors are bound to surface here and there. The other avatar mirror we had recently with the detailed listings will still go up, but at a later time. Two avatar mirrors may exist if this is a success.

Enjoy the new site and please bare with us on any problems you encounter.
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